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Biography - Andy Lacy

I have been drawing and painting since I was a small child. I focused on portraits in pastel and charcoal in my early years. My primary focus in recent years has been on mountain and ocean oil paintings. In addition to my undergraduate and graduate studies, I have also studied Art and Philosophy in Florence Italy with a focus on the Art and Art History of Europe.


I am an avid snowboarder, hiker and surfer and travel extensively. This provides me with an incredible range of settings around the world for inspiration. I call my style Experiential Realism. In each of my paintings, I seek to capture the feeling of the setting and the moment with an emphasis on color and composition. I often pick settings based on my adventures and these paintings reflect my experiences in that environment. I want to give the feeling of not just being there but being engaged there. I try to paint not just what I see but what I experience, and I often alter the elements to reflect that.


I love the interplay between the sky and the weather and its effect on the color of land and sea. My goal is to show the incredible diversity and beauty of nature, and to paint pictures that hopefully resonate with people who have been to those places or want to go. 


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